swiss boutique

why us

We enable you to build better solutions.


we prioritize sound.

Sound / noise is often given very little attention in a world dominated by an abundance of visual impressions. Yet we humans have multiple senses, with sight (processing those visuals) only being one out of five. We help you understand, manage and optimize two additional senses: hearing and touch. Sound is a complex matter, transmitted through both air (sound waves) and vibration of structures.

Hence we give your solutions the holistic treatment they deserve.

we are independent.

Being Swiss and living in the heart of Europe gives us a good understanding of what it means to collaborate. Yet, we try not to take sides and can therefore always go for the best option possible. Being a fully privately owned and owner run company gives us both agility and freedom to do so.

Explore our case studies, learn about our technology, get to know us and do not hesitate to get in touch with us.