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Christian Frick, CTO & Founder
straight-out honest and interdisciplinary technical mastermind
Apart from Rocket Science, Christian founded two schools in Switzerland called ffakustik (Fachschule für Akustik) and ffton (Fachschule für Tontechnik). Further, he has been a member of the AES (Audio Engineering Society) for years.

Dr. Flavio Lanfranconi
martial arts dedicated physicist

Matias Hugentobler
musically talented computer science & algorithm genius

Natalia Sokolova
passionate about Goethe’s Faust, physicist at heart

Dr. Nele Börsing
rock[et] scientist, recently converted geophysicist

Nino Blumer
our youngest, you won’t notice it though! signal processing wizard

Patrick Nüesch
can’t decide which of his background is better: physics or math?

Philippe Niquille, CEO
aviation loving tech nerd driving business
During his time in Aviation, Philippe co-invented a patent for active noise control in aircraft.

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