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Rocket Science offers services and solutions across industries in the fields of signal processing, acoustics, sound-system engineering, active noise & vibration control, software- and algorithm development. Through our work ranging from aerospace to live events, we became pioneers in the field of active noise & vibration control. Furthermore, Rocket Science became a specialist in low-frequency simulation and noise & vibration control techniques.

Mastermind Christian Frick founded Rocket Science in 2013 .. as repeatedly, he could not take ‘not possible’ for an answer. He was amongst the first to develop a working solution to cancel noise at live music events (and no, he did not just invert the signal).

Read more about what we do in our paper on ‘parametrization and implementation of subwoofer arrays for active noise control in event noise management’ published in the ‘Institute of Acoustics’ journal in 2017.

We have a restless drive to understand. Until the problem is known and fully understood, we don’t start working on solutions but keep asking those (annoying) questions. This is our philosophy.

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