swiss boutique

what we do

We are an acoustics & active noise and vibration control boutique. We offer tailored solutions for any type of noise and vibration challenge across industries.

Our toolchain consists of the following capabilities:

  • measurements – acquiring data to analyze the challenge at hand
  • simulations – visualizing the invisible propagation of sound, both low- and high-frequencies and peculiarity of vibrations
  • analysis & planning – understanding the challenge at hand, specifying and validating adequate treatments
  • active noise & vibration control – real-time reduction of noise with our proprietary anti-noise algorithms (see our technology)
  • DSP programming – implementing algorithms in dedicated hardware, as efficiently as possible, incl. testing with HIL (hardware in the loop)
  • professional & networked audio – planning, configuring and running
  • pragmatic troubleshooting – one of the most important capabilities, almost always required in any project

Other, more interdisciplinary fields of expertise we offer are:

  • acoustic forensics – cleaning, provenance, timestamping, geolocating and interpreting sound
  • sound design & engineering – shaping sound to fit certain criteria
  • noise management – analysis and prevention of noise
  • psychoacoustics – subjective perception of sound

Explore our case studies, see what industries we work with, learn about our technology and do not hesitate to get in touch with us.