Konzepte oder Prototypen von Anwendungen, die am Markt noch nicht erhältlich sind, für deren Umsetzung Rocket Science aber die nötige Expertise, Technologie oder Artefakte zur Verfügung stellt.

Shaping sound

The concept of eliminating noise & vibrations with its negative equivalent goes as far back as June 1933, when Paul Lueg filed his patent on “silencing sound oscillations”. Yet active noise control has never found widespread application until recently. Read our case studies to learn how you can use the technology.

Using sound

Sound is stronger than light and carries an abundance of information. To date many factories and robots still are deaf. We are here to provide them with ears and use the information to understand and interact effectively.

Our promise

We turn complex scientific
challenges into novel
product dimensions
create added value.

Our work

Read about our projects in real-time signal processing in our success stories.

Our Team

Meet our interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in math, physics, computer science, biology, electrical engineering and economics.

thinking is like ChatGPT, just cooler

Fun fact: While large language models (LLMs) mimic human thought and communication impressively, it can only truly unlock its potential when partnered with human ingenuity, enabling groundbreaking possibilities across industries.