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Noise within industrial plants may lead to noise-induced harm to hearing, stress and leads to fatigue of employees and operators. Emitted noise from industrial plants, may induce nuisance with the local residents and cause issues with authorities.

By applying a scientific approach, our knowledge and cross-industry experience with acoustics & vibrations, combined with the possibility to implement our active noise & vibration technology, we’re able to design tailored solutions, typically outperforming the status quo.

We can help you in either complete packages or specific tasks only:

  • expert- or second opinion
  • validation (of existing designs / systems / architectures / concepts)
  • participation in expert boards
  • leading innovation and expert workshops
  • defining specifications for tenders

And did we mention? Our specialty is working with low- or extremely high frequency challenges, even in the infrasound or ultrasonic range.

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Capturing 100 Kilo Hertz for a special-purpose industrial analysis.
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