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Don’t like the sound of your products?

Let us help.

We help reducing any type of noise & vibration issue with your product

We have experience working with industrial designers, engineers and product managers of different types of consumer products. With our holistic view, we offer our services to reduce emission noise and vibrations in your products as effectively as possible, yet paying careful attention to per unit cost.

We can help you in either complete packages or specific tasks only:

  • creating proof-of-concepts or demonstrators
  • data gathering & interpretation
  • expert- or second opinion
  • validation (of existing designs / systems / architectures / concepts)
  • participation in expert boards
  • leading innovation and expert workshops
  • defining specifications for tenders

Use ANVC to be more quiet sound better than your competition – redefining sound through science

Furthermore we offer a seamless integration of our active noise & vibration control technology, if suitable to solve your emission challenge. Our competitive advantage is our extremely low-footprint hardware implementation. We can offer you an efficient bill-of-material (BOM) cost vs. performance ratio, as the typical chipsets other companies use are more than 4 – 6x the size, performance and price of the ones we require.

Ask us for an expertise to get an understanding of suitability of ANVC for your product. We like to help with a quick turnaround time and pragmatic process. For example, do not hesitate to send us a smartphone video of your product in action.

Read a review we did on Apple’s new AirPod Pro active noise control earbuds and their smart psycho-acoustic trick to make them top of the line. This is an article we originally posted on Dec. 2nd 2019.

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