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professional audio

We offer a broad range of service to the professional audio community, given our heritage with sound engineering. Due to our diverse skillset and interdisciplinary mindest amongst our Rocket Scientists, we are able to ..

  • design a sound system from scratch for anything small to large, including specialties such as acoustic antenna design
  • configure, program or troubleshoot any type of third-party audio equipment, in particular digital signal processors (DSPs) or networked audio (such as Dante).
  • aid equipment manufacturers in tweaking their technology
  • define noise management concepts which become part of your organization as a relevant part of your (event) risk management
  • essentially offer a holistic approach to audio and electro-acoustics, as we always consider location + sound system + psychoacoustics, whereas the audio industry is typically very segregated.

See our case study on remarkable recording studio acoustics.

Here’s an image to prove, that we know what XLR means 😉

festivals & large open-air events

We have become a risk management tool of choice to minimize noise complaints and the risk of not getting permits for future events. Typically we advise production companies in matters of sound system design, closely work with local partners to implement concepts.

Optimizing a circular area for electronic dance music events with active control
limiting low-frequency emission to an absolute minimum.

Furthermore, we design and operate active noise control using our technology measures to protect areas of interest or shield large parts of the open area. See our case study on how we use active noise control at large events.

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