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Conventional building acoustics

As an independent advisor, we are able to deliver you a wide range of acoustics expertise and material options when it comes to building anything. We are comfortable in planning and monitoring the execution of the acoustic requirements for your entire project, or helping your existing experts tackle a hard-to-solve specific acoustic problem. Along these lines we have planned night clubs, large cultural venues, sound recording studios and corporate spaces.

Taming low-frequency noise

Our specialty is working with low-frequency acoustic challenges, which by design are not well handled by conventional insulation material. This is where we combine proven insulation methods with our active noise & vibration control technology to deliver a well-balanced and foremost cost-effective result. With such solutions we have been particularly successful in shielding doors or windows in either immission (noise entering an area) or emission (noise exiting an area) challenges. The best way to get us started is to send us a brief description of the type of noise at hand, construction plans and a visuals of the conditions on site.

Read our case studies on the Rider’s palace in the Laax skiing resort to see some of our references in this field.

Let us help

We can help you in either complete packages or specific tasks only:

  • expert- or second opinion
  • validation (of existing planning)
  • participation in juries
  • defining specifications for tenders

Did we catch your interest? Get in touch with us and let us help.

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