swiss boutique


As Rocket Scientists we are curious by nature and nurture our expertise by working in many different industries. We are proud to have a wide range of international clients ranging from industrial to private individuals, government agencies to academia as well as aerospace to medical companies or professional audio to live concerts providers.

  • audio – we help you connect the dots with anything audio. As this is part of our heritage, the list ist quite long .. we’ll hook you up if you need a sound system of any size ‘sounding just right’, program your DSP and tweak that special filter, help your risk managers avoid those noise complaints or optimize your speaker design.
  • architecture – we are your consultancy of choice for any room and building acoustic challenge. One speciality of ours is designing the perfect room for your audio recording studio, home cinema experience or high-end music listening.
  • consumer products – we are your experts to reduce noise & vibration in your products, as we’ll mingle with your engineers to get our algorithm in there, hidden away.
  • industrial – we have experience investigating noise & vibration issues in both small and humongous installations with both extremely low or high frequency issues. Let us help, as we are used to be the ones showing up after others had already tried.
  • health & medical – we have a track record working with doctors to measure and analyze ‘the odd phenomena’ or work with certification critical medical devices to reduce their noise & vibration footprint.

If you’re not on the list and you face an acoustics or noise issue, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Let us try to help in any phase: planning, validation, engineering or pure second opinion. We like new challenges!