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Large scale events and festivals typically do a great job at entertaining the crowd within the premises. However, in particular low-frequency content such as bass from electronic dance music can carry as far as several kilometers and disturb neighbors living close-by. This can become a critical path for such events to carry on.

Based on our active noise control technology, we have developed a tool for festival and event risk managers to effectively shield emission from such locations. With the right setup, anyone on the outside can be protected from such noise, by essentially reducing low-frequency by up to -20 Decibel.

We have supported several large festivals throughout consecutive years in both acoustic planning and on-site support to run a ‘virtual noise curtain’. Furthermore, we have been working with many smaller venues in particular in Switzerland, such as this live event in Basel. The two images show the noise propagation at 50 Hertz with an optimized stage setup and the combination with a small active noise control array to shield particular neighbors.

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