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case studies → isolate a hotel from its club

Think of this hotel as a paradise for winter sports. It is located directly in the heart of one of Switzerland’s largest skiing areas. The building is sort of a dual-use case, with regular boutique style hotel rooms on all floors and a vibrant night club in its basement. Obviously, not all guests want to participate in a club environment with anywhere around 100 Decibel (a-weighted) of music sound pressure.

We have supported the hotel owners during several phases.

During construction, we planned the acoustic separation of the basement club with the rest of the building. A de-coupled spring-loaded concrete floor has been installed drastically reducing low-frequency emission.

Only recently we installed a ‘virtual curtain’ at the entrance door to the basement night club. It was the single remaining emission spot for low-frequency noise and impossible to tackle with conventional (passive) building acoustic treatments. We use a custom-built electro-acoustic appliance using our active noise control technology and our DSP. The results are quite impressive, a fully adaptive and hands-off system with a reduction of around -20 Decibel.

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