Active Noise Cancelling for Open Air Festivals and Clubs

While others discuss spatial planning concepts and bans, we work on technical solutions!

Our noise cancelling subarray, cancels away the sound behind the audience in the direction of the residence. The aim was, to protect the residence houses marked in red.

Initial situation: The main array generates a complex lobing pattern.

The RSc Noise Cancelling Array constantly adapts to changes in environmental conditions and erases the sound of the main array.

Rocket Science Advanced Services

If you run a loud club or festival in a quiet neighborhood, we are ready to help you, to keep and actively manage the sound energy where it belongs – inside the venue!

Noise from venues is a characteristic of urbanity and the culture within. We are convinced, that not only urban planning approaches are in demand, but also innovative technical prevention and damage reduction approaches. While others discuss bans and policies, we focus on developing and offering technological solutions!

Problem Definition

  • Modern music productions have a high bass content with the peak typically around 50Hz.
  • Building Physics has little to oppose to low frequencies below 250hz. Therefore, they easily pass through walls.
  • The A-weighted dB value was predominantly used in the legal system. Authorities tend to take the bass emissions more and more into account by also considering the C-weighted dB value. Thus, meeting the legal framework and offering a rich sound experience, becomes harder.

RSc Noise Cancelling Solution

Years of research and experience, enable us to actively control the low frequencies around your venue. Thus, our technology is an ideal complement to building physics.

The „energy of emissions“ is reduced by 95%  – without spoiling the vibrating event experience. On the contrary, we supply the audience a one-off rich and linear bass experience.

We are able to protect certain areas of existing setups from low-frequency emissions (pictures above). In addition, we have developed 360°low-emission setups. For example, our „Bass Box“ (pictures below) supplies the audience a one-off low-frequency experience, with a minimum of emissions.

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The RSc Bass Box

The predominant sound energy extends exclusively over the audience area. Behind the audience, our Noise Cancelling Array erases 95% of the sound energy. This solution is especially suitable for urban environments.